Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Legal Nurse Consulting of America LLC.

The Legal Nurse Consultant is a licesed registered nurse who performs a critical analysis of healthcare facts and issues and their outcomes for the legal profession, healthcare professions, and others as appropriate. The legal Nuse Consultant is qualified to assess adherance to standards of healthcare practice as it applies to the nursing and healthcare professions.

Legal Nurse Consultants have both medical and legal knowledge which provide valuable expertise in medically related litigation. They provide professional services, such as medical case review, records analysis, compilation of medically related litigation materials, and collaboration with attorneys on medical legal issues such as:
  • case screening for merit
  • expert witness locating
  • life care planning
  • identifying standards of care/deviations
  • summarize,translate and interpret medical records
  • literature search
  • case analysis
  • consult with healthcare providers
  • assisit in exhibit preparation
  • assist with depositions

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